December #4change Chat: Education

About This Chat

Education and it’s discontents are being changed by new ways of learning – much of it by new ways of creating, sharing and validating information and knowledge online.  Tools and methods are being customized, adapted and remixed for various educational contexts.  Classrooms are no longer bound by geography.  But there are still barriers, still challenges – some of which we may not be able to predict.  How can we attend to these?

This chat will cover the changing role(s) of teachers, institutions and learners – and how they are affected and transformed by new/social media.


  • Date: December, 10th 2009
  • When: 2 – 4 pm US Pacific Time, 5 – 7 pm US Eastern Time, 10pm – 12am London, UK (Late!)
  • Where: Twitter (search for #4Change)
  • Topic: Education: How is social/new media affecting the future of education?

Starter questions

Below, are some starter questions for our chat.  Have another question not attended to below?  Leave a comment below and tag it with #4change (there’ll be an option to Tweet it out)

  • Are classrooms relevant anymore?
  • How can we support the role of educators?
  • What happens when education becomes decentralized?
  • What role does gaming play in education?
  • How can we leverage the stability of traditional institutions while encouraging the adaptability of new networks?
  • How can we reconcile extreme diversity with coherent and appropriate learning communities?

Join the Conversation!

  1. If you want to contribute to the conversation, you’ll need to have a twitter account (it’s free).
  2. To follow the conversation (whether you are planning to contribute or not), use or another application to search on Twitter for #4Change
  3. Jump in to the conversation by adding #4Change to your Twitter message
  4. Feeling brave? Check out TweetChat – it’s a great application that integrates with your Twitter account and makes chats more fun! You can turn it off after the chat.

Rules for #4Change Chat

  1. #4Change will be structured around a series of questions which all participants can respond to. Send your questions to @memeshift to have them considered.
  2. Introduce yourself in 1 tweet at the start or when you join.
  3. Stay on topic!
  4. Be cool.


Below are some great places to draw from before, during and after our chat!

  1. Resilient School Communities
  2. Amplified Educators and Learners
  3. A Global Learning Economy
  4. Design as Philosophy
  5. Contested Authorities
  6. Diversifying Learning Geographies: Deserts and Oases

Join us for the chat this Thursday – I look forward to discussing the role social media (and teachers!) can play in shaping the future of education.